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Marathon des Sables & Superfood

March 12, 2009

2008permds_2mg_0440Having been writing about Trail Running & Adventure Racing since 1999 I have also participated in several adventure marathons.

My next race will be the famous multiday foot race Marathon Des Sables, which takes place in the Sahara Desert, southern Morocco March 29-April 4. Race website:

Selfsufficient means carrying a lot of stuff

The race is 250 K, divided in 6 daily stages. The 850 runners will be selfsufficient which means we will carry all our food and energy for the whole week, plus lightweight gear for sleeping and cooking, medical kit, extra clothes etc. As an experiment all my food and energy during the 7 days will be Superfood. I have chosen products like Quinoa; Spirulina; Hemp seeds; Maca powder, Goji berries; Barley grass powder; Manuka pollen; Propolis; Acai etc.

Daily reporting

Here I will post daily reports from the race. There will also be additional feature stories for various magazines, and of course a cover story for the Swedish edition of Runner’s World Magazine. But I will also make a few special stories on Superfood & adventure endurance racing for Swedish and International magazines.

Preparing for the race I have been testing the different products, to see how my body reacts. More about that later… Getting all the right gear is another project. Today I will go looking for the anti-venom pump. Bye!

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