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Updated Race Bio

March 13, 2009

updated 2010-05-15

One of my first assignments for Runner’s World was to cover Marathon des Sables in 1999 – as a reporter, not as a participant. Just a few months earlier I had taken up running. Standing there seeing 65-year old women and men finishing the race made a strong impression. Coming back 2009 it was a good feeling returning as a participant this time.

During the past 11 years of trail running & racing I have acquired some experience but I feel there are still many things to be learned. One of my first trail races was the 2-day mountain marathon FEM, then a hugely polular event. Here is a list of some trail & mountain marathon races I have run in the past.


  • Marathon des Sables: self sufficient multiday race, approx 200 K in 4 stages, finished 27th/800
  • The North Face Ultra Trail de Mont-Blanc: 166 K non-stop with +9600m/-9600m. Time: 31H49M
  • Gore-Tex Windstopper Trail Run Worldmasters: 3-day race in Dortmund total approx 60K


  • Gore-Tex Transalpine-Run: 300 K in 8 stages with +14 000m/-14 000m.
  • Ladonia Mountain Trophy: 5-6 hrs mountain orienteering with +2000/-2000m.
  • Terrängloppet, Soteleden: 2nd place, 43 K in 4h20min.


  • Gore-Tex Transrockies-Run: 180 K in 5 stages with +8 000m/-8 000m. (3rd place in the mixed category).
  • Icebug Mountain Marathon: 2nd place251


  • Gore-Tex Transalpine-Run: 240 K in 8 stages with +10 000m/-10 000m


  • The North Face Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc: 165 K non-stop with +10 000m/-10 000m. Time: 36h20min.
  • Ladonia Mountain Trophy


  • Verdon Trail Adventure (Withdrew due to injury after 2 days)
  • Jungle Marathon: 200 K in 6 stages
  • Ladonia Mountain Trail Race: 1st.


  • KIMM: 2-day Mountain marathon. (Not finished)
  • Jungle Marathon: 200 K in 6 stages.
  • F.E.M. 2-day mountain marathon.
  • Ladonia Mountain Trophy


  • Fjord Adventure Mountain Marathon: 2-day race: 1st.
  • Ladonia Mountain Trophy


  • Ladonia Mountain Trophy
  • F.E.M. 2-day mountain marathon.
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