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Why superfood?

March 15, 2009

Why not!

As an athlete it’s natural to choose the best equipment and training methods. Also what we eat should be optimized. Not only during racing but also during training. All the time. The whole life, since we only have one life. Shouldn’t it be obvious to do good things to your body, to your health, to stay healthy, today and in the future? Saving money for the old age or pension insurance is an established custom but investing in a healthy future isn’t, by some reason, as obvious.

– Most people aren’t interested in this, says Dr. Magnus Nylander, who have been working closely with Swedish Top atletes for many years. One example is Daniel Tynell, who have won the classic 90 K nordic ski race Vasaloppet 3 times, including this year.

– We need to be more humble. Swedes are quite stuck-up about the eating issue. Tradition is very strong. The Swedish nordic skiing association isn’t really interested, they aren’t open for working with nutrition from nature.
  (“Ignorance is often bliss” as The Health Ranger Mike Adams points out in his recent article on

As an example of the opposite approach Nylander mentions the norweigian former nordic skiing superstar Björn Dählie who had a deep interest in learning more about how he could benefit from using and optimizing natural nutrition in his daily regime.
– He was very curious, went to lectures and read a lot about it. 

 We just had a brief chat on the phone the other day but you can expect an extensive interview with Dr. Magnus Nylander soon (where he will talk about what Daniel Tynell ate before his Vasalopp victory this year). It’s just that I have soo many other things to organise before my trip. I found two similar articles (in swedish) about Nylanders work with Swedish top athletes here and here. (I will ask for published english versions & material.)

Without a doubt I will be one of the participants with the most nutritious dense food during this edition of Marathon des Sables. But the questions is if I have the best food for the race. Many persons have been sceptical, mostly concerning energy – will I get enough energy? And how will my body handle this completely different menu? During the past two weeks I have been testing the samples I have been sent from a 15-20 supporting superfood companies. I’m very excited to see how the superfood diet will affect my body, my performance and my health.

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