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Why trail running?

March 18, 2009

94In Trail running you get closer to nature and discover new trails, new parts of the forrest, new places. New perspectives.  I celebrate Natures beauty with a trail run. Like this morning at 7 am when I ran with birdsong and sunbeams. My running experience is stronger, not focused on training. Trail running is about Beauty and Variety. It embraces the unexpected, and you get to use your Playfulness. Follow the forms of Nature – it’s pleasurable. Free you mind and run where you can, instead of where you are supposed to. Let your Curiousity lead the way.

Make your running as fun as possible, Jump! Climb! Get wet! Get dirty! Instead of counting kilometres or minutes, it’s much more a matter of Feeling. How you experienced the run. How it felt. What you saw, smelt, heard or sensed.  Not only you get away from roads, cars & pollution, running in Nature offers a range of natural challenges and possible adventure.

The Party-example
If you gonna tell a friend about a party you attended you won’t start with telling how much or how many. You will start with essentials: If it was fun or not. The same question you should ask yourself about your running or training.

Figure 8 running
Instead of running a fixed route, normally the “circle”, you can improvise and let the nature lead the way. Then running up a hill becomes something natural. I like to compare trail running with offpist skiing, where you ski untouched slopes, between the trees etc – just because it’s fun. I bring the same attitude to my trail running, going both downhill and uphill, cruising single track trails or running off-trail, climbing and scrambling. My form of trail running includes lots of variety – and is never boring. If it is boring I just change something. Trail running also gives a good allround training, strong legs, but also a workout for the core. 

Explore and discover
While traveling trail running is a great way to explore the surroundings. For longer runs just remember to bring some water and energy, and extra clothes if you are in the mountains. Or a headlamp.

Trail racing
For a trail runner it’s a real treat to everyday for a week or a few days run on new, beautiful and challenging trails, trails that would be very hard to find on your own.  Participating an a trail race in a remote and exotic location is a great way to travel – by foot! – and meet runners from other countries, spending a few days together, sharing an unique experience. Challenging mountain marathons and ultratrail races will test your practical, physical and mental abilities, and they are fairly easily organised “mini-adventures”.   

Yes, it’s possible to enjoy extreme running challenges in mountains, jungles and deserts – you just need to love trail running and adventure. And while you’re at it make it as fun as possible.

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