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Back in the trails

April 26, 2009

adidaskanadiaWOW! That was my feeling after today’s trail run, my first run after finishing Marathon des Sables, more than 3 weeks ago. My feet, with black marathon toenails and skin falling off where there have been blisters, were also happy to get out. It felt really good being back in my true element: the animal me. I have to admit it felt a little bit sluggish to begin with, but I after a while I was fighting narrow, undulating, almost non-existent trails like I use to in Änggårdsbergen, my favourite trail running area, less then 10 minutes run from my house.

I have been waiting for the inflammation in the leg to dissappear, and it seems to have recovered well. This is good news, because I really need to get back in shape for a 42 K trail race, Sote-leden Terrängmarathon May 23. This year this race also is the Swedish Trail Running Championship, so I guess there will be more runners then the usual 30 in the marathon class.

Last year I came second after bonking 3/4 into the race, finishing in 4,23, nine minutes behind the winner. Hopefully I can pace myself better this year. The race course is very tough with approx 80-90% technical, undulating trail.

2008 was the second time I ran it. The first time I got completely lost, missing the only water station halfway, and was eventually forced to withdraw. It makes perfect sense coming back trying to make a better race. By now I have aquired some respect for the race course and I’m feeling pretty motivated.

Today I ran in Adidas Kanadia, a soft, light (302g), flexible and low profile trailshoe with rugged outsole. For my narrow feet they have a snug fit and they really want to run, but I think serious trail runners would like to have a stronger upper which holds the foot better. So if you are looking for a “fun” trail shoe for easier trails the Kanadia is a good choice.

Since I came back from Morocco I have been working with two reviews for Runner’s World: 8 Running glasses and 8 Pulse & GPS watches for runners. Learning to pace myself with a pulse watch could be very helpful.

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