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Authentic running

April 27, 2009

inov-8-x-talonRunning up a hill in full speed

Running effortless

Running beautifully

Running free

Running everywhere

There are soo many ways to run. Like today, out & back in less then 20 minutes. When I reached the top of the hill I looked out over my part of town, making 20 push-ups on the rocks and running back down the steep hill in full speed on tricky trails. Pushing past a few blocks, cruising between cars, road building sites and tram tracks and suddenly I was back home. Music still playing on the stereo. No emails. No calls. Hardly sweaty, just warm. Relaxing with a spirulina & activated barley smoothie. Maybe it wasn’t much Training, but it was definitely Running. It felt authentic. Not caring about pace, distance, pulse or even style – only Freedom, freedom to run how I want. 

I ran in Inov-8’s X-Talon 212, a superlight trail shoe (230g) with a studded, sticky rubber outsole. It’s a fun shoe, very flexible with excellent traction and quite snug fit, just the kind of shoe you would like to have for running up and down mountains on slippery trails. Actually this shoe is soo in demand that the Swedish distributor for Inov-8 used the term “core meltdown” trying to describe the past months. Everyone wants this shoe. And since Sweden is a orienteering country you might understand why. There are plenty or runners who like the thought of running with only 230 grams on your feet. Appearently there was room for another trail running shoe brand. 

Today I also enrolled for Ladonia Mountain Trophy, a very steep +5 hrs mountain orienteering race in Mölle, southern Sweden in mid July. I have done this race at least 5 times since the start. Climbing hills suits me, I truly enjoy it. But unfortunately I’m not a good navigator, so I have never been very successful in the elite category.

This time I have teamed up with Jens Thorild, one of the best multisport athletes in Sweden and a avid navigator with long orienteering background. He even won this race a few years ago. Our team: Inov-8/Superfruit will be running in Inov-8 equipment and eating goji berries, acai and mulberries from I’m already looking forward to Ladonia. And you bet I will be running hills like crazy until then.

Ladonia Mountain Trophy usually pass Nimis, a controversial art work by artist Lars Vilks.Lars

Ladonia Mountain Trophy usually pass Nimis, this controversial art work by artist Lars Vilks.

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