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Lace for snug fit

May 5, 2009

knutbildFor serious trail running in technical terrain you want a tight fitting shoe so that the foot won’t move around inside. If you want a more snug fit around the heel and upper foot, try this lacing method, using the two top holes.

The shoe on the picture is Icebug Spirit, a new lightweight (260g) orienteering shoe with 11 studs of steel. This is the first orienteering specific shoe from Icebug, a small shoe company based in my hometown Göteborg. Compared to “normal” orienteering shoes Spirit is much more flexible, more similar to a racing flat. The idea to the shoe came from Peter Öberg and Erik Öhlund, who are not only top athletes but also have been building their own running shoe prototypes. This winter I got to meet Erik at Icebug’s headquarters and talked about our commom interest (or rather passion) for trail shoes and trail running. As one of the fasters orienteering runners in the world he certainly know what kind of trail shoe he wants. Erik best time for a semimarathon, the upcoming Göteborgsvarvet next weekend, is 1,08, and his PB for marathon is 2,26. With these times he actually places himself among the fastest runners in Sweden.icebugspirit

Last year this model won Swedish and Finnish gold medals in orienteering. This fall there will also be a new version without steel studs on the market: Spirit OMM.

The past winter I have run quite a lot with the studded Spirit OLX and I still remember the first word that came to me in the forrest: FREEDOM. I got the feeling that I could run everywhere, but really EVERYWHERE with this shoe. Traction on ice and wet rock, lightweight and speedy enough for fast rushes in untrailed terrain. And not particularly heavy when soaking wet. Actually I feel like taking them for a run right now. Cheers!

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