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A few thoughts about nutrition

May 26, 2009

The past week I have had a light flu or “grippe”, so no running whatsoever. I never hesitated to try to cure myself by eating good stuff, which meant luke warm manuka honey concotions with grapefruit seed extract, lemon and sea salt. And of course garlic and ginger in all forms. 

Drink your Greens
Beside that I have started drinking more green shakes, now 3 large ones every day, mixing HealthForce’s Vitamineral Green, Greener Grasses, Spirulina, Maca Force and Fruits of the Earth with Sunwarrior Protein powders, BoKU Superfood and Green Magma barley grass powder. The reason for this is that I understood I need to eat much more greens after reading “Green For Life” by Victoria Boutenko. My next step is to buy a strong blender, minimum 750 W, to chop fruits and greens enough (so the body can absorb as much nutrition as possible). Drinking your greens this way is way easier than eating them because you need to eat lots and lots to even come close the same nutritional amount.

Eat like a chimpanzee
Boutenko compares the eating habits of the chimpanzees, known for their strong health and immune system (50% fruit, 40% greens, 10% pith, bark, seeds and insects) with the standard American diet with less than 10% fruit and greens. In the book she explains the positive health benefits of having a good PH-balance and sufficient stomach acid. Very interesting reading for everyone who want to improve their health – and is prepared to drink green smoothies (which I have noticed is something VERY strange for most people). 

Organic = more nutritious
Anyway, It feels like I’m in a state transformation, getting better and better in chosing good stuff for my body, like organic food. Listening better to my body. Luckily I have an ecological food store in my block. Boutenko also writes about the big nutritional differencies between conventional produce and organic produce, explaining how important the soil is for nutrition in plants. If you look at the nutritional content conventional produce is much more expensive than organically grown produce.

All forms of malnutrition is degenerative
Recently I was in Stockholm, meeting up with nutrition expert Dr. Magnus Nylander, who has been researching about nutrition the past 20 years. He held a lecture trying to explain for a group of older women how internal oxidation works and how to stop it with antioxidants. And that most people have some kind of nutritional deficiency with degenerative effects on our bodies. Typical signs are bad nails, hairloss, grey hair, bad skin with wrinkles. They are also the typical signs of aging but sadly today you can see these malnutrition signs in young people, not knowing what their bodies need. Or they just don’t care.

Now it’s time for another green drink. 
PS. don’t miss to check out Mike Adams piece on the super antioxidant Astaxanthin here.

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