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June 16, 2009

12,0Running for me has become an exploration. Everytime I go for a run I try to have an open mind and use my freedom. This way you never know what you will bump into, and it adds flavor to the everyday routine.
At least while running there is a window of opportunity, a window for adventure.
I’m happy If I find a new trail during a run. I’m happy if I bump into a wild animal. I’m happy if I get lost.

This time of year when it’s hot I usually bring a water bottle, because I’ll never know how far I will run. It’s actually this attitude that have kept me interested in running the past 10 years. Knowing there is always something new to discover. For me running is about experience. Feeling the nature, floating along a technical trail, shouting when it almost goes too fast, playing and dancing over rocks, puddles and debris; jumping and scrambling in less than runnable terrain, proving that you can basically run everywhere. Reading the rough terrain, the uneven surfaces, and making it runnable by focusing on the possibilities – not the obstacles.

Exploring new trails, the unknown, and making them yours, will expand your running experience. Unlike “normal running” trail running is not about distance or speed. It’s about experience, how it feels: your movements, the nature (filled with chlorofyll and bird noise this time of year), the sound of your breathing, feeling your cadence, the rhythm of your stride and making a perfect toe-off in every leap, leaning in the curves.

You are far beyond pollution and traffic noise, the air is clean and fresh. Branches touch your skin, your face, arms, hands and legs. You have to watch carefully where you put your next step – and how to do it: lightly on the forefoot, firm on the midfoot or an extended leap to fly over a slippery rock. Yes, this is running. It’s running free. It’s called “trail running”.

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  1. singlemom75 permalink
    June 17, 2009 19:28

    Hi Fredrik, I’ve been reading you for a while but I guess now it’s time to make you know that. Thanks for having this blog; thanks for motivating me with your really informativeand supportive entries, now matter hgow different level I am at. I am preparing for my very first half marathon after a 5-month break in running so nutrition, stretching and all kinds of advice that you keep giving here are just great to me. Cheers

    • fredrikolmqvist permalink*
      June 22, 2009 17:14

      Hi! I’m glad you find something of value on my blog. When coming back after a long break you can make a new beginning by trying different kinds of running and training – also nutrition-wise, with more energy and vitality. Using lots of greens, like mineral dense green powders and good protein sources like bee pollen and spirulina, will help your body to recover. As you might know listening to your body is crucial, which means that it’s smart chose to rest or instead do a different training session (like soft strenght training) when you feel tired. I wish you the best of luck! Cheers

      • singlemom75 permalink
        June 22, 2009 20:16

        Hi! It’s exactly that I have been doing for 2 wees now! I am on a smart diet full of veggies and fruits to lose some weight for the half marathon and also with meat to have enough protein for the muscles. I have rice and durum pasta on running days too, strictly with veggies. As I am doomed to mainly treadmill trainigs, I am playing with elevation and runned time whereas once a week when I have the chance to run in the street I am watching my pace and heart rate as well. I am enjoying it but I can’t wait to get back to my old pace. I have not much time left till the half mar (2.5 momths) that makes it a little stressful but I do enjoy being back to running, I missed it SO much! I kept reading your blog and hoped for a solution for my own trainings.

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