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Organic is cheaper

July 1, 2009

Well at least if you are concerned about the nutritional content. Since conventionally produced greens, fruits and vegetables have much less nutrition THEY are much more expensive than organic produce. We have been fooled for such long time, fooled to believe that ordinary greens and vegetables are OK. But we are actually paying a very high price for mostly water and poor nutrition. Just imagine what kind of amounts you would have to eat to get the recommended daily minimum levels of nutrition if you rely only on conventional produce. 

Then there is the question of authenticity – which feels most authentic: eating conventional or organic? Have you asked yourself IF YOU ARE WORTH pesticide free greens with high nutrition? And then there is the taste. Today before biking to the sea I had a thai lunch buffet at my neighbourhood thai restaurant. I must admit it didn’t feel the least authentic, rather chemical without heart or soul. Instead I got MSG, trans- and saturated fats, and the cheapest ingredients possible. It definitely didn’t taste fresh or healthy. But I ate, because I was hungry. On the bright side is that this lunch made me realize that I have had enough of bad food. Now I know that I require food of higher quality. If I have to make it myself so be it. 

Walking into a regular food store lately has become more and more of a challenge because it’s soo hard to find really good food. More than 95 % is processed and diluted with cheap and bad additives. I only want pure, pesticide free and fresh food with high nutrition. I want food that feels authentic, like fresh, organic spinach or fresh cabbage. 

Since starting with superfoods in February I have tested lots of stuff, but one thing remain an everyday routine: the green drink. I have actually become an advocate for green drinks, green shakes and green smoothies, convincing friends about the necessity of this kind of nutritional complement. To meet minimum nutritional requirement for our bodies to function we need 5 servings a day of greens, vegetables or fruits – something most people don’t even come close. And of course then we are not talking about conventional produce with almost zero nutrition. When are YOU ready to start your own Green Revolution?

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  1. Jenny permalink
    July 12, 2009 10:58

    Du har såå rätt i att det är en utmaning att handla i vanliga mataffärer om man vill ha bra mat. Känns som det mesta är massproducerat och för det mesta lite “halvruttet” i de vakkumförpackningar de ligger i.. Nu är mitt första delmål att handla på torget från (förhoppningsvis) närliggande och ekologiska bönder och i slutändan kunna skörda från mina egna land som jag håller på att planera. Måste prova de där gröna drinkarna du pratar om…

    • fredrikolmqvist permalink*
      July 13, 2009 8:20

      För gröna drinkar och smoothies: Utöver att använda färska gröna blad (persilja, koriander, bladgrönsaker och gröna grönsaker och frukter) kan du även använda gröna pulver: ex korngräspulver (Green Magma), nässelpulver, spirulina, chlorella, etc. Ta reda på vilka blad som är ätbara. Läs gärna Green for Life av Victoria Boutenko (finns på bibl.)

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