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Running inspiration

July 18, 2009

Having been injured (inflammation in my left running foot & toes) for a while I have been thinking about not running. How my life would be without running… I guess I would pick up cycling. Every year in July I follow the Tour de France and get inspired to go out biking and let my legs work. Thinking it’s good training for the climbs around Mont-Blanc later this summer. With strong legs in that race you can push instead of being a victim. I have seen it. I have seen a woman walking backwards crying during the descent into Switzerland. So the rest of the summer I will do a lot of biking and squats with logs or rocks as extra weights.

On internet I find lots of inspiration to get fit and continue exploring running possibilities. It can be seeing Kilian Jornet break the GR20 record (across the mountains of Corse, from north to south), or reading Anton Krupicka’s blog, or trying out different functional training excercises from Gimnastica Natural or Cross-Fit.

Using your own imagination makes training much more fun. A few years ago I made my own indoor kettle-bells with two rocks, strong bags and ropes. I found a flat stone in the street, just outside my building, it was a leftover from a construction work, but works very good as a weight.

Another good workout for mountain races like UTMB is running and walking long stairs with a heavy pack. I’m really looking forward to start with that:-)

Avoiding hazards is also crucial. In my case ticks and sprained ankles. Fortunately bird attacks are rare where I run.

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