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Report from La6000D

July 27, 2009
Dachiri Sherpa leads the way up to the top in the classic ultra trail in La Plagne. Photo: F.Ö

Dachiri Sherpa leads the way up to the top in the classic ultra trail in La Plagne. Photo: F.Ö

Here is a race for mountain lovers. Up to the top and down. 60 K and +3000 m/-3000 m. Nice views and good ambience. Approx 1250 runners (232 in the 110 K class). Unfortunately I didn’t run myself thanks to a swollen left foot. But I got VERY inspired to come back and give this race a try. Next years edition will be the 21st, thus there was a big anniversary this year with a record crowd. The race was held in Aime and La Plagne (just next to Bourg-Saint-Maurice and Les Arcs) the past weekend. Here is the link. Avid ultra trail runner Dachiri Sherpa won in 5,44 (his 2nd victory) and Corinne Favre took her 14th (!!) victory, finishing in 6,45. Local Patrice Paquier won the 110 K (with +4400m/-4400m) in 12H33. Even though I didn’t run I had a great time, hooking up with some old friends from other races (Glen Redpath whom I met in Transrockies-Run 07 came 13th and Gaël Coutourier, editor of french Runner’s World also ran the 60 K.

As usual Mont-Blanc was lurking behind some annoying clouds. F.Ö

As usual Mont-Blanc was lurking behind some annoying clouds. F.Ö

Pascal Boutreau (from L’Equipe) whom I also met in MDS tried the 110 K but had to withdraw with back pain after 40 K.) I was also hanging out with Jorge Gonzalez de Matauco from Mallorca. He has been running some amazing marathon races on Antarctica, North Pole, Greenland, Iceland etc and have even written a book about it: “Filipides era vikingo” which means Filipides was a viking. After having been a road runner for many years Jorge has made the switch to trail. “Nowadays I never care how long or how fast I run, I just enjoy the pleasure of running in the nature.” Appearently there are lots of trails and trail races in the mountainous part of northern Mallorca. May this year there was even a 100 K trail race. I will write more about it as soon as I get more info.

And 1: Swedish runner Jonas Buud won Swiss Alpine Marathon (his 3rd consecutive win) over 78,5 K and +2320m in Davos the past weekend. Nick Sharp, the 2008 winner of La6000D, came 4th.

And 2: Swedish runner Lena Gavelin won the Swiss Alpine Marathon in 6,41, some 16 minutes before top ultra trail runner Elizabeth Hawker. Congrats!

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  1. July 31, 2009 8:17

    What an awesome race!!

    So sorry about your foot, but I was so glad to read in the other post that it’s getting better. And please do keep us updated about the Mallorca 100K!

    • fredrikolmqvist permalink*
      July 31, 2009 11:25

      Yes this race is quite something – 20 years!! I will write a story about it for Runner’s World. I will write more about trail & ultra trail races in Mallorca. Yes my foot is much better, I have been able to run 4 times this week without problem. Yesterday Dr Sten Björnum gave me a useful diagnose. He thought the problem was too small shoes in combination with downhill running, long toes (No 2 and 3) + nersjunket främre valv.

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