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Adventure running

August 25, 2009

Past weekend I picked plenty chanterells (1,5 kilo) – not all while running, but I found them next to one of my favourite trails, so I consider it as just another of many trail running benefits (happiness, adventure, freedom, youthfulness, endurance, contact with nature, moving in harmony, enjoying the moment, feeling alive, discovering new places and trails, seing new views, meeting wild animals, hearing the wind in the tree tops, eating blueberries…)

Sunday we (Erik and Jerry and Daniel and me) went for an adventure running in the archipelago at the coast: swimming between islands and running across. We even got into a big cave. There were many beautiful trails. Very old trails, passing ruins from the 18th century. Even some of the trees seemed very old. It was a magical place devoid of people, just a few cows – and lots of ticks. Running shorts was probably not a good idea. Island hopping like this is great fun and nice way to spend a few hours a sunny sunday in August. Very relaxing. Racing is overrated. Returning to the car after 4 hrs I got to eat blackberries from the bush.  Another trail running perk. At least this time of year in southern Sweden. I will post some pics from the run later on…

Talking about racing. Just a few (3) days to the UTMB. I’m eating extra antioxidants and garlic, to avoid any flu-like symtoms. Not that I have but if I would. There is something with racing and the immune system. For the UTMB I will bring my little shaker for my superfood shakes (Acai, Boku Super chi, fresh bee pollen, etc).


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  1. August 30, 2009 10:19

    OMG! The UTMB!! I had completely forgotten – and I guess it’s pretty darn late for a “good luck”. So, I hope you had a fantastic time and were in great shape! What a race, I guess every trail runner dreams about doing it some time… *sigh*

    • fredrikolmqvist permalink*
      August 31, 2009 13:37

      well thanx anyway, the UTMB was “very tough” to say the least, I finished in 32 hrs and 20 min. No more running for a while. Feet and legs need rest.

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