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UTMB Finisher

August 31, 2009

I guess I’m a little bit proud of finishing one of the toughest foot races. Even though my initial intention was to finish under 30 hrs I was happy to finish in 32 hrs, cutting my PB with 4 hrs. The 166 km course shouldn’t be compared to ordinary ultra trail races, the UTMB is more of a Mountain Ultra Challenge with many, many steep climbs and descends in rocky terrain. In UTMB you run when you can, but often find yourself walking, trekking or even scrambling; +9400 m positive vertical climb and 9400 m steep descends are figures that should discourage persons prone to knee problems. But no pain no glory, as they say. The race had sticky heat, jubilant crowds with cowbells and bonfires, thick and ice cold mountain mist, foot wrecking trails but also many beautiful alpine single trails, cold winds, friendly people, stunning views, and as most runners I experienced several highs and lows during the course. Starting fast I was among the top 50 runners in St.Gervais but I slowed down as my energy levels dropped. Eating became crucial and I found myself dehydrated during all the race. Arriving in Courmayeur at 6am I had hooked up with another runner who I knew from before, and it was nice with some company. However somewhere at this point I stopped chasing the 30 hour goal. I chosed comfort before speed. Eating, resting and finishing instead of racing. I also started doubting the point of doing it (running the UTMB) and I completely understood runners who chosed to abandon. But I didn’t have any strong reasons to quit and the closer I got to the finish the better it felt – except the last difficult part over La Flegere, where my feet (ankles) became worse, making running almost impossible on the extremely technical rocky trails. Finally finishing (at 2,20 am) was a relief. I slept very good that night. For results, pics etc check out I will write more about the UTMB soon.

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  1. August 31, 2009 20:57

    Absolutely awesome – you _should_ be proud! Congratulations! And good to have you back on the blog 😉

  2. Eva permalink
    September 1, 2009 13:53

    Om man har lite frågor till dig, hur kan man komma i kontakt med dig då??

    Mycket intressant läsning!

    // Eva

  3. Christian permalink
    September 3, 2009 9:37

    Helt grymt!!!

    Man blir så imponerad och motiverad av dina strapatser.
    Vi ses på gården hemma.

    /Christian (granne)

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