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Going raw & natural

September 14, 2009

As you might have noticed I’m curious of how to eat for better health. It’s not that I have any disease (what I know…) but rather that I love life. I hear about relatives with cancer tumours or other chronic diseases, thinking there must be another way, a healthier way. This year I have been reading several books about nutrition, eating habits and optimal health. The common conclusion is that people who eat much uncooked, fresh greens, vegetables and fruit are healthier. The tradtional diets of the Okinawans (Japan), parts of Abkhazia (Caucasus, Russia), the Hunzas northeast of the Khyber Pass (Pakistan) and Vilcabamba Valley (Ecuador), all known for longevity and incredible health, consist of 70% fresh vegetables, greens and fruit. Other diet similarities are: low (1-10%) meat consumption, no industrial processed food, low fat, low calorie, low sugar and low salt intake. Source: Healthy at 100. The scientifically proven secrets of the world’s healthiest and longest-lived peoples, John Robbins, 2006.

There are also other non-food related reasons for optimal health, like: little pollution, moderate use of alcohol, successful methods to deal with stress, a physically active life – and of course genetical reasons. The last part we can’t really do much about. But eating habits are not written in stone, although they can be very hard to change. So the questions we can ask ourselves are:

1. Do I want to have a long and healthy life?
2. Am I prepared to make the necessary changes?

I have been thinking about this for some time and I have to say the idea of a long and healthy life intrigues me. It’s worth a try. It’s worth an effort, and I know there is room for improvement. Therefore I’m trying to change my eating habits, starting by eating at least one raw meal a day – and fresh fruit. As inspiration I use the Raw Food cookbook by Erica Palmcrantz and The Raw Food Gourmet cookbook by Gabrielle Chavez.
I picked apples yesterday (sunday) while on a all-day bike & run safari, and I’m very convinced that I don’t want to cook them. I want them raw and the seeds too.

Nature is inspiring and bracing. If the weather is nice I chose to work outside in the sun, in a nearby park, with a foldable chair and laptop. Fresh air, birdsong and lots of Vitamin-D’s. I like the combo. After work I go for a trail run in the forest. Like this evening equipped with a headlamp, jumping over the ripple of tiny creeks, or through the gentle movements of leaves and grass. Between the trees and branches the frozen gaze of a roe deer, checking me out while I’m scanning for golden chanterells. I like to be part of nature. Quiet or fast trail running in difficult, untrailed terrain, which brings out the animal in me: agile and acrobatic, using my body, my senses and insticts.

As usual in the sunset I caught the last warm rays after some hill climbing. A girl were taking pictures of her boyfriend as I stumbled by. Usually I almost never meet people on “my” trails. Further on I took a fall and scratched my left hand, just enough for a little blood, but as with falls I felt the sudden blood taste in my mouth the moment before going down, a reminder of fragility and the importance to focus. It became a beautiful run with orange sky behind black trees, only hearing my own breath and footsteps, following the shaky beam through murky forest trails. Racing hard to keep up with 2 biking girls the last stretch home on tarmac. Jogging-down backwards up the steep street where I live with a smile.

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  1. Jenny permalink
    September 15, 2009 3:54

    Underbart! För tillfället tränar jag på ett maraprogram stelt om man skall jämföra med dina skogsturer. Tyvärr är jag dålig på disciplin så det får bli lite stelt. Har i alla fall varit och köpt cocosfett att steka i (tycker nog det gav lite för mycket smak för att det skall funka till allt men..) och varje frulle blir det en hemmagjord smoothie på bra kravmärka råvaror.

    • fredrikolmqvist permalink*
      September 15, 2009 7:29

      kul, vilken mara skall du springa? smoothie till frukost låter bra. om cocosfett: jag använder rapunzel (eko) och brukar främst använda det för att dryga ut annat fett i matlagningen. om skogsturer: jag får helt enkelt fler kickar i och av naturen. jag har nästan helt slutat springa icke-trail då det inte känns autentiskt för mig längre. Men det är jag.

      • Jenny permalink
        September 17, 2009 8:31

        Nej har inte bestämt mig för någon mara ännu. Är anmäld till Göteborgsvarvet men det är allt än så länge.. Har du något tips på någon bra/rolig mara??

  2. September 15, 2009 5:56

    I’d call that raw running! 😀

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