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Time to learn how to avoid illness

September 22, 2009

All persons involved with sports or any kind of physical exercise, from amateurs to professional athletes, know that performance decline radically if you’re ill. Therefore we need to know how to stay healthy and avoid common illnesses like colds, flus and stomach problems. However few have this knowledge, including world class super athletes.

Currently some of the best multisport athletes in the world are participating in the Wulong Mountain Quest in southern China. It’s a 3-day stage race with paddling, mountainbiking, running and rope sections – and BIG prize money. Unfortunately my friends in Team Sweden/World of Multisport, who finished 3rd day 1 – a VERY strong performance considering the strong field – were forced to withdraw not even starting the 2nd day due to illness. During day 2 many racers complained feeling nauseous and having stomach cramps. Even top racers like Richard Ussher and Mike Kloser, both fighting for top positions in the race, were struggling hard weakened by something. With only one stage to go it seems like optimal health can become the decisive factor. (Race reports on

As an athlete taking part in an international event your immune defense is put at test. First the air travel, then meeting lots of new people from all around the world prior the race, shaking hands, “food sensitivities” etc. It’s even worse in team events: if a team have four members risks increase many many times. It’s almost as not getting any bug should be rewarded a prize. Before leaving for China I shared my concerns with team captain Martin Flinta and advised his team to start taking natural health products like grapefruit seed extract with anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, plus super antioxidants like antocyans and astaxanthin. I’m not sure he followed my advise though. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough Super ViraGon to share (check the ingredients here).

During the Olympic Games in Turin 2006 the Swedish Cross Country Skiing Team used super antioxidants made from blueberries and black currant (thanks to Dr. Magnus Nylander). Every skier stayed healthy and the team even grabbed a few (6) medals. The norwegians who were living next door got ill (acute respitory infection) and had one of their worst Olympic Games ever.

There are plenty of examples and many lessons to be learned when it comes to staying healthy with a strong immune defense – not only for athletes but for everyone. This autumn and winter the swine flu is supposed to hit hard, so it’s not that we lack reasons to learn and practise eating for better and stronger health TODAY. My suggestion is that you start by searching anti-viral foods and anti-viral supplements on Internet. Get more knowledge! Read about alternative ways to build a natural immun defense.

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  1. Jenny permalink
    September 26, 2009 9:50

    Mitt tips är utöver att äta hälsosamt & nyttigt, tvätta händerna! Läste en rolig artikel i tidningen att på ett dagis har de lärt barnen att de skall sjunga blinka lilla stjärna under tiden de tvättar händerna och den tid det tar att sjunga den är så lång tid man behöver för att handtvätten skall bli optimal… Lysande tycker jag å enkelt.. 🙂

  2. September 27, 2009 18:11

    Ville bara titta in och säga att det var kul att se så många artiklar i senaste RW om terränglöpning – och av dig dessutom. Schysst, mycket intressanta grejjer jag hade stor glädje av! 🙂

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