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Trail running naturism #2

October 9, 2009

At night the forest is different. I stop running and lie down with switched off headlamp (Silva X-Trail) watching the black tree tops dance with the fierce gusts against the white sky. Another runner pass by. I’m not sure if he or she sees me.

Autumn trail running is a bliss with wet and slippery trails, colorful leaves and the sound of water searching a lower point. It’s not warm anymore. Air is fresh and clear. Darkness arrive early with activated wildlife.

I’m listening to the sound of a large animal, a moose it proves. With the strong beam I can see its gentle stride just 15 metres away, grunting as to say “switch off that lamp please”. I love meeting these large animals but always get the feeling of intruding. So after a moment or two I make my exit trying not to cut their way.

Later on another animal shouts at me, or was it a tree? The silver moon bounce in puddles between black branches and debris. My soft, studded Inov-8 Roclite 305’s bounce too, covered with mud, just as they are supposed too. I’m getting stronger, running faster and faster with watery eyes.

My features are slim, packed in capri tights and a body wrapping Gore Magnitude T-shirt, which is tight and strong enough for my kind of running – fast between the trees with a smile. Suddenly there is a white butt ahead. But Bambi is cool, just moving a few steps aside, watching me pass.

Back to traffic and pollution, city lights and sounds. I feel alive to say the least after a run like that. Muddy legs with tiny red cuts. Strong legs, looking forward to Trailrun World Masters in Dortmund next month. Himalaya will have to wait for another year, but thanks anyway Mr Pandey.

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  1. October 11, 2009 19:37



  2. Nyarie permalink
    June 2, 2011 15:28

    Great post:) Inspiring as usual.

    I received hair-raising, jaw-dropping news recently (chuckle). 9 lions were spotted roaming free not far from where I’m currently living and working from (A very small town in Zimbabwe tucked away amongst rolling hills, and neighbouring a Game Reserve area).Game officials say the lions have been raoming free for the past 3 weeks!!!

    Turns out I’m the only one who wasn’t aware of this (lol!) and that I’ve possibly been throwing myself out there as a potential (easy, spandex-clad) meal during my early morning runs over the past t three weeks.

    As terrifying as it is, it’s a beautiful reminder that we are in coexistence with other earthlings in all shapes and sizes. And its an absolutely amazing experience to be live in a continent with a diversity of wild life. It probes inspires me to be an advocate of environmental conservation through my love for trail running. If I could inspire other people around me to enjoy being in the outdoors, it would help in its own little way to foster appreciation for the environment and the other earthlings we share this amazing planet with.

    Well I hope the lions are captured soon and returned to the Game Reserve more for their own safety AND mine:) . I’m eager to go back to the outdoors:) For now, I will continue to play out in my mind how I would have possibly reacted had I seen the lions on one of my runs- suffice to say without a doubt, I know the running would have continued on! I would have hadthe run of my life to the nearest possible tallest tree!!! :))

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