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High altitude running

November 2, 2009
IMG_9004  2

Running high on 3000m altitude. Photo: Dan Kullberg. Runner: Me. Location: Zermatt

One of the perks of being a trail runner is that you can run (almost) everywhere. I often find myself running in beautiful and challenging places. The car-free alpine village Zermatt lies in a narrow valley surrounded by 38 (!!) peaks above 4000m. It has the highest altitude ski-lift in Europe at Klein Matterhorn: 3800m, with skiing all-year around. In summer summer hiking is huge with lots of trails, in total 400K. As a trail runner I scan the mountains for spectacular trails and I never seem to get enough.

After several sunny days the weather has changed, from sunny autumn to snowy winter, powdering the mountain slopes with a thin white layer. It’s also time for us to leave Zermatt.


Cruising at 3000m. Photo: Dan Kullberg.

Time to go back to city pollution, stress and cold, rainy weather. In Zermatt we have been outdoor from early morning to sunset, everyday, getting sunlight and fresh air. Breathing has been hard at high altitude – especially walking or running uphill. But the reward you get after a long climb is worth it. Cruising down mountain trails high above the valley are moments to live for, just absorbing the raw beauty and running free, without any other timing than the sunlight.
OK Winter, bring it on! I’m ready now.

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  1. Jenny permalink
    November 2, 2009 15:09

    Även om jag inte är i stadens buller och avgaser så blir jag ändå enromt avundsjuk när jag ser dina bilder och läser ditt inlägg! Förstår att du njuter.

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