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Natural health freedom

November 23, 2009

Have you ever heard about “Codex Alimentarius”? The idea was to develop food standards and guidelines to protect the health of the consumers, but unfortunately their decisions will restrict personal health freedom, for instance when it comes to alternative and natural health solutions.

Yesterday me and my friends attended a meeting with Scott Tips, President and Legal Counsel of NHF (National Health Federation) who is trying to defend our health freedom. On their website they explain why it’s crucial to be vigilant of Codex Alimentarius.

– The Codex is very anti-natural health and we need to raise our voice before it’s too late, Scott Tips said. One of the problems with the Codex is that they make their decisions on old science, in favor of “BIG Pharma” and the old system of artificial and synthetic medication.
Recently Scott Tips managed to halt a proposal that tried to lower the RDI’s (Recommended Daily Intake) of nutritional supplements, thus avoiding making the supplements even less potent.

During the meeting he also talked about health benefits of different nutritional supplements like: Vitamin-D, Vitamin-E, Vitamin-C, Selenium, Ionic Silver, Zink, Magnesium and the importance of living enzymes for the metabolism. When asked about the future of medicine he mentioned very successful experiments using Electro Magneticism (James Embar). Scott Tips also recommended Melanie Grimes’ blogspot for articles about homeopathic methods.

I’m quite sure I will write more about Scott Tips and NHF further on. Tonight, I will attend another meeting about chemicals in hygien products, cosmetics and food. I wonder what they will say about flouride?? At the meeting last night we met an Irish couple who are starting up a NHF branch in Ireland. They were very concerned about flouride in drinking water and thought it was absurd that the current situation actually forces them to buy imported flouride free drinking water.

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