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Medication vs nutrition

December 1, 2009

In these times of swineflu the price of garlic in China has nearly quadrupled since march. Myself I’m trying to fight-off flu-like symptoms since sunday evening with garlic, onion, ginger, green magma, spirulina, lemon, orange, kiwi, antioxidant supplements, propolis, rhum and SuperViragon. I haven’t got any vitamin-D3 supplement yet, but I have heard capsules with oil are the best.

Monday evening I attended a debate about how health issues are treated in mainstream media. Sharing the stage were Mats Reimer, a practioning medicine doctor and blogger (also moderator) and Anna Bersén, a journalist specialised in health issues since 10 years. Behind the event were VoF (Vetenskap och Folkbildning), a non-profit organisation for Swedish sceptics with the task of questioning and discrediting alternative pseudo-science by using scientific methods.

Mats Reimer and Anna Bersén used the bed of nails as example of such a product with false (non-scientifically proven) health-claims. Other examples of alternative treatments they dismissed as “psuedo” lacking necessary scientific proofs were: homeopathic methods, acupuncture, TCM, mindfulness, nutritionism & nutritional supplements, massage and psychotherapy.

As a blogger Mats Reimer many times has rediculed alternative and unconventional treatments (in favor of traditional western medication treatment relying on synthetic medicine, “scientifically” proven and approved). In other words: as long as the verification method is “scientific” the product doesn’t matter. He admitted that funding of medical research in fact is a decisive factor of what kind of studies being made, and that a large part of this money comes from pharmaceutical companies, the backbone of medical research.

You don’t need to be Einstein to figure out that most medical studies focus on medication. And since there is no money in research about nutrition & supplements scientists will continue helping pharmaceutical companies making more money.

– Working with healthy people is not the doctors task, Mats Reimer answered my question: why not doctors, who should be experts on staying healthy, didn’t make much effort on showing their patients how to avoid disease, thus actually curing them, instead of only covering symtoms with medication. In the name of science, as there evidently is nothing scientific to be found in proactive health measures. Mats Reimer:

– We are more healthy today than ever. The problem today is that people feel ill also when we doctors can’t find any illness.

The doctors say we are healthy but statistics are showing otherwise. Doctors are supposed to treat disease, not cure or show how to avoid disease. Health is a personal thing and there is no use waiting around for a doctor to tell you how to do. If you ask them they will probably give you a pill, because that’s what they do.

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  1. Mats permalink
    December 2, 2009 10:10

    Jag tror inte att jag sa att folk bara påstår sig vara sjuka, jag menade i varje fall att många upplever sig sjuka trots att ingen sjukdom kan påvisas. En nyansskillnad, men viktig. Man skall tro på patientens upplevelse!
    Tack för intressant debatt/Mats

    • fredrikolmqvist permalink*
      December 2, 2009 10:21

      Hej, tack för kommentaren och debatten. Jag har ändrat i texten. /Fredrik

  2. Mats permalink
    December 2, 2009 13:13

    Tack, precis så menar jag./mats

  3. December 17, 2009 20:16

    Väldigt bra skrivet och jag håller helt med!!!

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