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Back in the trails #2

December 8, 2009

Accompanied with a hot cup of maté tea with hawthorne as darkness falls over Göteborg I want to write about today’s run. It surely felt good being back in the forest after one month without any running whatsoever (knee injury). I have been missing my strong connection with Nature: the feel of it, the sounds, the quietness, the beauty, the colors now so different, more brown, black bark, pale yellow grass, Kermit green blueberry bushes without leafs or berries, the occasional orange fern and poisionous bright green moss. Puddles scattered the trails after several rainy weeks but I like it wet. I like the sound of flowing creeks, stopping and listening, breathing, taking it all in.

I like to use my freedom of choice which leads me to my favourite single trails, sometimes over wet rocks, hearing the sounds when trail shoes meet the surface. Today I tried the new Inov-8 OROC 350, with studs of steel. After having re-laced them tighter they behaved well also on steep diagonal off-trail descents. This model is much sturdier than the OROC 280 (which basically is X-Talon 212 with spikes) and has a lacing protection. (The Inov-8 OROC models will be on the market from April 2010.) After 30 minutes or so I found myself running off-trail, scrambling down a tricky, steep hillside when there is a sound to the left. Several sounds actually. The male moose freezes and stares at me from 20 metres away while his woman – and child continues upp the hillside. I love these moments, a few magic seconds before I continue down to “Big P”, a favourite technical trail which I named after a favourite  jazz tune for intense trail running with Modern Jazz Group Freiburg (check spotify). Heading back home with muddier shoes, jumping across puddles, slipping and crashing with my hands deep in the mud. It feels good to be back in the trails. Feeling alive.

Today’s sportsdrink: luke warm water, bee pollen, celtic sea salt, cinnamon, turmeric, black pepper. Today’s after run snack: dark chocolate, goji berries, inca berries and mullberries.

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