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Happy Raw Year

January 5, 2010

Holidays are over, time for a fresh start and that’s why january is “The Detox Month of the Year”. Time to get rid of the toxins of 2009. A full body detox accordning to Jon Barron starts with Heavy Metal, Colon & Intestinal detoxification. Phase two: Kidney & Gallbladder Flush. Phase three: Liver & Blood cleanse. Barron use to stress the necessity of colon cleansing and on his website he quotes the old saying “Death begins in the colon”.

I guess most people don’t think much about detoxing. I wasn’t really into it five years ago while visiting a resort with a detox program on Ilha Grande, just south of Rio de Janeiro. But today it’s another issue. Now I am much more curious. I have realized that there are lots of people out there with knowledge about optimal health. If you don’t want to spend 200€ on a detox program you could at least start with cleansing your colon, to get rid of the plaque hindering optimal nutritional absorption. Or just make a soft start by eating at least 50% raw food for a month plus avoiding alcohol, sugar, coffee, tabacco and meat.

Of course there are skeptics who believe in medication only, possibly with the occasional jogging session, to stay healthy. They don’t really believe in antioxidants and probably it was never ‘scientifically proven’ that sailors could avoid scurvy with Vitamin-C. So it doesn’t really count. We only need to listen to the doctors and take their synthetic medicine, because they know best (except maybe when it comes to healthy living, where we instead should listen to old Okinawans – especially if we want to avoid Coronary Heart Disease). But skeptics don’t really care about why there can be soo huge differencies between cancer rates in different cultures, and they are not really interested in cancer prevention, although it’s something that should concern everybody. According to WHO global cancer rates could increase with 50% to 15 million by 2020. And still there are doctors who say they shouldn’t work with disease prevention, and that there is no reason to worry cause we are healthier today than ever.

So if the doctors aren’t supposed to work with disease prevention, who should? For them disease is just a lack of pharmaceuticals in our bodies, a lack they are more than willing to correct with synthetic drugs. They say that we get all nutrition we need from a normal diet. My question is: for what? For staying alive? But what if I want to avoid disease like cancer? What about “optimal health”? Does this idea even exist in their minds?

Tips for the reader:
In Defense of Food. An Eater’s Manifesto, by Michael Pollan
Healthy Aging, by Dr Andrew Weil

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