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Monday training & meals

January 19, 2010

Inspiring trail-run with elite running partner:
Meet a young orienteering champion like Erik Öhlund at the trailhead. Show him your best trails during a 1h40min hilly run on heavy snow, and realize there is room for improvement. Lots of room. But I knew that. With 1,08 as PB on a half-marathon he competes with swedish top elite runners. Directly afterwards our run he went on to do some speedwork.

Erik Öhlund

Luke-warm after-run protein smoothie:
Put into the blender: frozen blueberries and aronia berries, bee pollen, HealthForce’s Warrior Food (raw vegan complete protein powder), goji berries, sea salt, cinnamon, barley grass powder, honey, olive oil, cold and hot water. Cold smoothies will have to wait.

Steam boiled mixed veggie soup:
Start with preboiled kidney beans, add peeled tomatoes and steam boiled cauliflower, broccoli, garlic, onion, carrot and water into the blender. Spice it up with some fresh chili, turmeric, black pepper and salt. Add some olive oil and butter for more flavor.

Sport yoga:
During the past 11 years I haven’t paid too much attention to stretching. But that’s not the only reason have I picked up yoga as complimentary training. I felt that yoga is needed not only to need to get stronger in my weak parts but also because it’s time to build a solid base, thus no cheating anymore. Time to be responsable for the whole body.

Raw salad with nuts, feta and sprouted seeds:
Red cabbage in thin slices, cauliflower, cashew nuts, sprouted pumpkin and sunflower seeds, red pepper, olive oil, feta cheese, carrot, apple, chili, spring onion and red onion.

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  1. January 20, 2010 21:02

    Ännu ett “tecken” och en påminnelse på att jag “måste” ta upp yogan igen. Tack!

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