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Potato running

February 2, 2010

Pics from sunday's 'potato run'

Sundays are more quiet, with less cars on the roads. There is no rush, or so it seems. Usually I avoid roads for running, but when aiming for a certain destination, for example visiting friends or relatives, it happens I pick the straightest line. Even though roads and pavements are duller than dull they can have their moments.

The past sunday’s run however wasn’t really one of them. Legs felt tired after running everyday for a while and I completely lacked energy. The snowfall rubbed my face with cold soft nails. The pavement slippery with a fine layer snow just covering the icy surface. I had to struggle all the 13 K’s without really enjoying it. Many times I felt like walking but luckily found some motivation to push forward, stopping only for snapping some photos along the road.

Compared to walking running is much more agreable. First: it goes faster, about twice as fast. Then there is the beauty of movement, the rhythm, the coordination, the flow. You also have the sense of endurance, the farther you go, becoming a perpeteum mobile.

I’m often asked about my next running challenge. But I didn’t really pick one yet. Actually it feels better running not for something else but for “this run”. Like breathing, not for later but for now. I believe my passion for trail running have influenced me to think this way. Trail running is about the moment. Being in the moment. Being free. In Nature there are no directions. Just suggestions. Thinking of it as a cake you can start with the middle. I used to do that when I was a child, eating the centre of the cinnamon roll, the best part first. That’s how I see trail running compared to road running. Road running is for potato eaters. I want the meat.

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