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What do you believe in?

February 10, 2010

Do you believe in science? Scientific evidence. Double blind studies. Feels good doesn’t it? Knowing. To be sure. To trust what they have proven. Like some medicines or vaccines that they say are safe. But hey, safety was never that important when it came to testing the swineflu vaccines. Or let’s talk about all other medicines that have proven to be harmful – even though the double blind studies assured us they were perfectly safe. In the name of science everything is true until proven false. With a little “cherry picking” scientists, politicians and journalists chose the information that best suits their purposes. And sorry, there is no exception for pharmaceutical companies either.

Did you ever think about who is funding the studies about certain medicines’ advantages or studies proving the side effects of nutrition, vitamins, antioxidants..? Or maybe you don’t think it’s important who’s paying? Who’s making the profit? Are you believing in the pharmaceutical companies? Do you believe in medication as a way to solve your health issues or do you believe in proactive measures like eating food rich in nutrition, excercise and sufficient rest? Do you believe in nutrition at all? Or antioxidants? Or free radicals? Do you believe that our bodies work better with proper nutrition, or  maybe you believe that it doesn’t really matter what we do to our bodies? Like there is no use we try to keep healthy, cause we will get sick anyway and we have to rely to doctors to rescue us. Is that what you believe in?
Do you believe in comparing health & disease statistics from different parts of the world? Like Glasgow, Ukraine, India and Okinawa. Do you believe the differences can be related to lifestyle or do you only believe it’s about the genes? If you are a skeptic you will blame the genes, which means you need to accept that women from India have almost 5 times better genes than women from the US, at least when it comes to breast cancer incidence. If I was a so called skeptic I would probably ask myself how that can be?

You have to live with what you believe in, or believed in. Like a man I met the other day. A friend of a friend. For many years he believed in eating alkalizing calcium powder. During those years his health deteriorated. His skin and hair got grey. He got weaker and weaker. His little son who ate calcium powder just like his father got really bad teeth. His dentist, who had never seen teeth in worse condition, told the father that the boy had to stop drinking coca cola everyday, which the boy almost never did. Unfortunately the mans wife also ate calcium powder and their next child was born with a malformation due to lack of folic acid, even though the mother took the supplements. When the man confronted his friend the calcium guru with his doubts about the health benefits of calcium powder the guru told him to eat more calcium, which he did because he believed – even after his son started to brake his legs repeatedly. Eventually the man, who never saw the guru use the calcium powder himself outside his lectures, stopped with the calcium powder and finally started to feel better and stronger, learning the hard way how to keep healthy. The guru obviously cut him off and has since then spent a lot of effort to discredit the man. Life goes on and the outspoken, self taught guru continues selling his calcium powder, spreading the gospel of its miracle properties.

Read more about calcium supplements here.

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