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Running on ice

February 11, 2010

No biking today

Here in Göteborg everyone is talking about the ice, which has covered the streets for a while now. And with a fresh running season at the door our local steel studded trail shoe brand Icebug has almost run out of stock. Even though they have been around for a while (2001?) far from everybody know this kind of shoe excists. Their outsoles with up to 17 metal spikes actually gives enough traction for running on sheer ice.

Especially those who are used to running on the hiking trails will needRunning with spikes on ice spikes because these trails are covered with a thick layer of ice. To avoid ice you need to run out of trails or pick the tiniest single trails where hardly no one goes. But even then you will stumble upon patches of ice, which can prove hazardous. I prefer to run safe with spiked shoes, thus avoiding potential bad slips and accidents. Where I go that’s at least some insurance.

The dealers say that most customers only use one running shoe, which in 9 cases out of 10 means a road shoe. Very few are actually asking for trail running shoes. That shows quite well how marginalised the sport trail running is in Sweden. I also know this by experience since I hardly never meet other trail runners in the forest. I totally agree that you don’t need a trail shoe for running on gravel roads or groomed trails. But with a road shoe you won’t be very keen on trying the odd single trail, thus limiting your running experience.

A proper trail shoe will allow you to discover another way of running, finding treasures like hidden beautiful trails, experiencing Adventure; The unknown; natural challenges; connection with nature; running with the whole body – and mind. I compare trail running shoes with a mountainbike, which both enable you to explore and play in nature. It’s a freedom thing.

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  1. February 11, 2010 17:04

    Great post. I have been thinking about spiking a pair of my old shoes and getting out, as it is kinda icy here as well. I will run in sub zero F, but I usually pass on packed snow on the road. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Happy running,

  2. Tony permalink
    March 13, 2010 21:39

    Good post. I’ve was looking for something like these a while back, as I run in icy conditions too. Considered Yaktrax, Stabilicers, etc. but then found these…
    They work great!

  3. September 6, 2012 8:18

    Now there is something new: snowline spikes – the perfect tool for running not only on ice roads – but also off the beaten track!
    Check out:
    The “light” version weighs just 240 gms!

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