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Running light

February 12, 2010

220 g: New Balance 100

Running light is a bliss. It’s a magical state of mind for a runner. To run light you need strong legs and lungs. For me the feeling of lightness in body and mind comes from the heart, or even better – from the soul. For me the lightness comes from the experience of beauty in the moment and from a positive energy in my body, so it’s both mental and physical. I’m blessed to experience this feeling quite often, almost always when I run and I guess it’s one of the reasons why I run.

280 g: Inov-8 OROC 280 (x-tallon with 9 spikes)

230 g: Icebug Celeritas

But let’s talk about the gear. One of my basic priorities is having a good feeling – always. So when it comes to running gear I’m quite picky. I cut and change jackets, shorts and shirts, like collars and sleeves, just to get a better fit, a better feeling. I like my running jackets and shirts tight and light. Then there are the shoes.

300 g: New Balance 840

As a tester of trail running shoes since several years I come across many interesting models that I really enjoy running free with. Often these shoes are lightweight, with a snug fit and low profile. I think I can tell when the designer is a passionate trail runner.

305 g: Vasque Transistor

However, in most cases these shoes never reach you, due to the distribution bottleneck. Most running retailers don’t practise trail running themselves so they don’t realise which shoes trail runners want. Instead they order a few sturdy models they can sell to walkers. No wonder they don’t sell many trail running shoes. Who wants to run with 400 gram shoes? Not me! With so many really nice trail running shoes today you shouldn’t settle for less. Via Internet you can order any trail shoe you want. Here are a few models that can make you fly between the trees and float above the ground. Just like a colibri.

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