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Exotic sunset trailrun

February 24, 2010

The time had come to lace up the shoes and hit the trails (In my case the new lightweight (305 g) Vasque Transistor). It was late afternoon, just past five when the sunlight was just about to leave the beach in Zighy Bay, Oman for the day. So we decided to climb the hills, me and Monja, my running partner. The trail was an old very steep dirt road made of stones and rocks that nature had reclaimed, broken apart from erosion and landslides, so pretty rough and definitely “trail”.

Zighy Bay, Oman

“Impossible for running” according to the hotel staff. But perfect for running adventure. We didn’t know where it was heading but it got more interesting when we reached the sunlight again at the top. The trail flattened and lead us into a hidden valley perched between the Gulf of Oman in the east, dissolved into the sky and the Wadi Bih mountain ridges in the west, painted in different shades of sunset grey. This was the reward, like finding a treasure, a gift nicely wrapped.

Just when the old dirt road fell down to Dibba, the border town, we climbed off-trail further up the hill, looking out for snakes and scorpions, sitting down on a rock, discovering a hidden bay, listening to the compact silence between the soft soothing beach breaks from down below and a lonely goat’s moaning from the rocky hill next door, clad in the evening sunlight. Monja picked a few memory stones. So far away from Dubai’s hustle and bustle. Half an hour later we were back at the beach. Orange lanterns signaled evening time. Just a dip in the calm Indian Ocean and a few slow lenghts in the pool. Then the warm night with its stars and pitch black sky.

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  1. Jenny permalink
    March 1, 2010 17:02

    Fantastisk!! Vilken utsikt… Ja du missar inget här i Göteborg. Här vräker snön ner igen och att försöka ge sig ut på en härlig skogstur där jag bor är helt uteslutet då snön räcker mig till midjan…. Är bara liiiite avis på er!! 😀


  1. Tidningen Outside

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