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Typical runner’s behaviour

March 4, 2010

It was 5,15 am and the tram left just 20 metres away. It was end of August 2009 and I just missed my connection to the airport bus for my flight to Geneva that was going to take me to Chamonix and the UTMB. There I stood in the street, thinking about grabbing a cab when I remembered that I’m a Runner. I’m going to run 166 kilometres so I should be able to run 2-3 K’s to the bus, which I did, across town, towing one bag on wheels and carrying the other. I arrived with 10 minutes margin, a bit warm but what the heck. It felt good, my voyage had begun. Mont-Blanc, here I come!

A few hours later I was in sunny Chamonix and ran up to Brevent, just to get a feel for the mountains.

Did you start walking like a runner yet? Landing on the forefoot, lightly, playful, at least the first steps in the morning, or the first steps outside your house.

Have you begun running shorter stretches, to nearby places or meetings, with lightness, in your casual clothes – just because you can, just to feel the sensation running through your body and mind?

Did you start pushing down your shoulders, pushing back your elbows and lifting-up your chest to open-up your upper body in the end of the run to trick your body that your not tired at all, running the last stretch home with an erect athletic pose of pride and power?

Have you begun watching how other people move? Can you tell which ones that are runners?

Did you notice yet that it can be difficult to find jeans that aren’t too tight around the thighs?

Do you look at roads, trails and landscapes from at runner’s point of view?

Do you dream about the perfect running shoe?

Do you use to dress-up in your running outfit when you’re at home?

Do you think of your next run?

Do you still remember the feeling you had during your last run?

Do you get inspired to run just by the color of the sky?

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