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Raw food and trail running squirrels

March 16, 2010

Even though we have heard a million times that we should eat more fresh vegetables and fruit – minimum 5 servings a day, or 500 grams – we stubbornly continue eating mostly or only cooked food. Why? Because we are stuck in old patterns. We are square-minded primitive creatures, slaves under our taste buds and reward system, uncapable to to take a step aside and ask ourselves: is really this lifelong consumption of processed sugar; processed white flower; coffee; hydrogenated fatty acids (did you care yet to find out which foods contain trans fatty acids?); caramelized foods with ALE/AGE (for avoiding major chronic diseases you might want to cut down on Advanced Glycation End Products and Advanced Lipoxidation End Products); artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose or high fructose corn syrup causing diabetes among other things; or why not genetically manipulated organisms like the soy our livestock is being fed, GMO soy that has been cultivated in countries where they allow much more “efficient” pesticides, responsable?

Nooo, we shouldn’t need to worry about that, at least not if we listen to nutrition experts (on the payroll of the food industry lobby groups) telling us that the food is safe and that nutritional deficiences in the developed world isn’t an issue. Either you believe them or you find out yourself.

A first step towards healthier and responsable eating habits is trying to eat more raw, e.g. uncooked food. I’m definitely not 100% raw but I’m slowly learning how to prioritate living foods in my everyday life. In the end of the day, like today I can look back on my raw food choices. It’s really not anything strange or difficult, just a matter of also eating uncooked food, not only cooked food.

Besides egg, bread or porridge my breakfast can contain avocado, orange, grapefruit, apple, nuts (like brazil nuts for selenium), seeds (like pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds), I also use dried sprouts, and lazy as I am I always start with barley grass juice (from dried powder) and sometimes spirulina powder. Today I had carrot juice and chia seeds (feels good eating ancient runner’s food).

Lately I have been working outside, bringing my little chair to the park, writing in the sun, sitting in the snow. My very simple lunch consists of 2 apples, 1 pear, 1 banana, 8 dried figs, sometimes some dried apricots and nuts – all organic. Eating this way feels pure and authentic, not at all like the feeling I get from eating baked/caramelized flower and sugar. It’s actually the way I like to eat when I’m traveling light, hill walking or going for long trail runs. Fresh and revitalizing. Any remains I throw for the birds and squirrels.

By the way, have you seen squirrels run? Today two came running on the top of the old wooden fence surrounding the 17oo-century timber cottage I’m using as wind protection and outdoor workplace. One of the squirrels went back, running up the tree, jumping from thin branches, climbing upside down, turning around. Now, thats trail running!

No running training for me today – just ran across town picking up my bike from saturday night and returning some books at the library. I was supposed to walk but running is much more fun, getting all warm and cosy in my leather jacket. For this kind of running I use the light ultra running stride, the perpeteum stride, the one that never makes you tired, running relaxed with a smile, knowing you could go on forever. I found myself looking forward doing an ultra again.

So what’s for dinner?
Semi-raw salad with fresh mangold, beet, sprouts, seeds, soaked algaes and steam boiled carrot, broccoli and leek – I love the taste of steam boiled vegetables. For filler I will make a oriental style lentil soup with potato, garlic, lemon, nuts, quinoa and tomato. All organic.

Lots of runners like the fact that they can eat “everything” without having to think about their figure. Me too. I also like the fact that I can eat everything that is good for me and the fact that I can avoid food that is bad for me. It’s like with music: I’m not going to listen to everything just because I can. I prefer to pick it more carefully, like Munir Bachir’s ragas: definitely something for mindful moments.

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  1. Fredrika permalink
    March 17, 2010 0:25

    Great post, and inspiring. Funny coincidence, too, since I’m raw again, for the time being.

    Wish I were a squirrel – will take that mental image with me on the trail next times.

    • fredrikolmqvist permalink*
      March 17, 2010 1:38

      Squirrels have fantastic balance and rhythm. But huskies are pretty amazing too, like the ones putting in 160 K’s/day during Iditarod the past weekend.

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