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“A bizarre promenade”

March 23, 2010

Leaving the villas behind we scrambled up the steep slope. Facing south-west most of the snow was gone. Wonderful to feel the ground again after the long winter with soo much much snow and ice. The wet rocks, the old leaves, the soft bed of pine needles, the invisible animal trails, the ticking sound of flowing water.

I wanted to show what trail running can be, so we hit off between the trees, into the rounded fields of soft cushioning spring snow, turning, chosing a new direction under a branch, having to jump over a creek, crawling under a fallen tree, avoiding a 3 metre cliff jump, descending a steep gully trying not to slip on the icelayer hidden under the slushy snow, holding on to the wet moss, speeding up into the trees, heading for sunny ridges, crossing winter walking trails covered with ice, falling hands first and laughing at getting completely soaked feet…

It was a new thing for her, running like this, without a fixed goal or destination. Running everywhere, just playing around, running and walking, where only NOW matters, the feeling of running freedom in the moment. The movement with nature. The gentle flow into the unknown. The trail running experience.

Time had traveled fast. 1,5 hour later we enjoyed the last rays of sun with tea and chocolate. Trying to describe to her friend what it was like she told her it was like “a bizarre promenade”.

Welcome to the club!

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  1. March 23, 2010 13:08

    Love the spring after running all winter, I will deal with the short mud season. The warmer weather and shorts!

  2. March 29, 2010 9:00

    Sounds absolutely lovely to me!

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