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a good run

April 13, 2010

Today it felt good to put my adidas adizero xt trail again after two weeks without running. Last time I ran it was raining and I slipped and crashed into a rock, hitting the ribs. Since then I have been waiting for less pain.

This time it was sunshine and much warmer, maybe about 18 degrees. Shorts and a thin long-sleeved shirt. Mostly dry trails but it didn’t take long until I was running off-trail, finding new angles, drawing new lines in nature, spotting two roe deer, running light footed, just enjoying a smooth ride. Felt goood to be back, even though I have lost a lot of power.

Usually I don’t meet other people on the ridges but today I met a walker and somewhat later a big black dog with a muzzle – I have to admit he looked kind of grim when he came running towards me. Fortunately he was just happy. On the last ridge three youngsters were making a bonfire. They looked surprised when I suddenly emerged from nowhere and dissappeared behind the smoke.

You better learn how to take care of your feet before entering a race like the MDS. A danish runner displayed these feet after finishing MDS last year. Photo: Fredrik Ö MDS2009

And as expected the Ahansal brothers did it again. Mohammed Ahansal won the 25th Marathon des Sables (his 4th victory), after winning all six stages. His total time: 19Hrs45Min. Michael Wardian (US) got 3rd, 3Hrs15Min behind.

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