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the inner runner

April 14, 2010

a friend told me he had lost the spirit in his running. He didn’t really feel like training for the annual semi-marathon race he’d signed up for, he felt a certain stress about the whole thing, but also that it wasn’t really this race he wanted to do, and that he was “sick of all boring training programmes”. He was considering attending smaller, shorter races.

Photo: Peder Sundström, Runners: Me and Travis Macy, Location: Arches National Park, Moab, Utah

I told him that he seemed ready to take his running to the next level, beyond achievements and instead focus on finding the joy in his running experience and enhance his technique. (The outsoles of his shoes were worn down on the heels, which is a bad sign.)

for me, it’s not racing that matters – sure races can be fun, to see different places and meet different people, but I have never been competitive in that sense. What matters is experience, learning to appreciate the present and exploring your possibilities, both physically and intellectually,
while enjoying the ride

I discover new things on every run and sometimes afterwards, or before, sometimes hours afterwards, or days, or weeks… it doesn’t matter, what matters is now and what I do with it.

the past months I have developed as a runner
not by becoming faster, it’s rather that I have become more aware:
of my running technique, feeling a flow and a peculiar lightness, but also freedom in nature, seeing new possibilities. More important is that I have become more aware in the present and that I have connected with my inner runner, which is an eyeopener to running eagerness and running happiness

being aware in the moment is crucial for all kinds of running on technical trail or off-trail, but even then my mind sometimes wander astray. Lately however I have felt a stronger intimacy with every moment.
Translated it feels like I’m running in slow motion, that I have a lot of time in the air while jumping over fallen logs or muddy puddles – it’s like when Neo discovers the power of free will in the Matrix.

I see myself from the outside, from above, from behind, from the side, from the ground. I sense the materia, the air, the movement, the energy.
It’s not necessarily about running fast, it’s more about sensing the smile of your inner runner – and keeping this feeling.

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  1. Fredrika permalink
    April 14, 2010 19:53

    Något av det vackraste och sannaste jag läst om löpning på länge, tack, blev superpepp att bara dra ut i spenaten! 😀

  2. April 18, 2010 11:49

    Mycket bra… !!

    “the past months I have developed as a runner not by becoming faster, it’s rather that I have become more aware”

    Precis så känner jag oxå. Det går inte fortare längre… men istället upplever jag en annan dimension av löpandet. En större njutning på nåt sätt. Nice 🙂

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