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Eat the weeds

May 11, 2010

Go out in the nature and pick your food! Raw food coach Erica Palmcrantz here with fresh ground elder soon to be mixed into a chlorofyll rich green smoothie.

Now is time to pick your wild greens for energizing chlorofyll smoothies and salads. I eat Dandelion leaves (maskrosblad) daily, which reminds of the taste of Rocket (ruccola). Dandelion is supposed to help cleansing the liver, especially if you use the root, for tea. Wild Chives (gräslök) is another tasty treat nature offers. You can also make use of Ground Elder (Kirskål), which grows everywhere, and of course Nettles (brännässlor). Use fresh baby leaves or dried leaves. Nettle pesto with parmesan cheese and nuts is very easy to make, and very rich in minerals.

Yesterday I met up in the park again with raw food coach Erica Palmcrantz who showed a variety of edible wild green leaves and flowers.
– Eating wild leaves is a way to connect to earth, which is difficult when you live in the city. Unfortunately many people haven’t realized the possibility to pick and use wild greens for food. There are som many preconceived opinions about how we should eat.

Raw Delight is Erica Palmcrantz‘ latest book with raw desserts.

Read this article (in swedish) about why wild greens like dandelion leaves are much better than lettuce.

Erica’s Wild Leaves Smoothie:

3 handfulls of mixed wild leaves (ex ground elder, dandelion and nettles)
banana and blueberries
some dried figs
mix in a blender

Instead of bananas and blueberries you can use 2 pears with 5 soaked figs, or Cantaloupe melon.

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