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Vitamin-D workout

May 15, 2010

Hit his hands, avoid getting hit and count the points. A fun way to work your core. Photos: Fredrik Ö

Jumping over cars and park benches while running to the forest; climbing steep hillsides, trees or crawling under them, getting your hands and clothes soiled and muddy. Trail running offers plenty of physical challenges. However when you need to rest your sore legs or inflammated achilles you can still keep up the shape. Here are just a few suggestions for outdoor excercises. Models: kitesurfing friends Victor and J-C. Location: Cumbuco, Ceara, Brasil.

For how long can you keep a straight pose? Lazy days are perfect for improving your core strenght.

High forward kicks. The movement starts in sprinter starting position, alternate leg by moving forward..

Gimnastica natural. Move like an insect. Feel your body.

This one-leg squat combines raw strenght, yoga agility and zen-like balance.

Work your core, back and shoulders by flipping the legs from side-to-side.

It's just a matter of focus and finding your balance point.

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  1. May 15, 2010 16:55

    Mmmm… I do NOT AT ALL envy the weather. Compared to Malmö. This is nothing. I repeat – NOTHING. No envy. OK?

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