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A long run for a cold beer

May 20, 2010

Nothing beats a cold one after a long run. A participant enjoying finishing the ultra trail La6000D end of July last summer. Photo: Fredrik Ö

For many runners there is a cold beer waiting at the end of the run. This saturday this will be the case at Göteborgsvarvet, one of the biggest semi-marathons in the world and full since november. Last year there was 40 523 finishers out of 53 848 bib numbers. For this years event 58 122 persons have signed up. However, after the unusually long winter I guess many didn’t get to train as much as they had expected and won’t show up. As with many other huge running events Göteborgsvarvet is a running event that actually attracts more non-runners than runners.

Anyway, apart from the running or jogging or walking we can expect a serious amount of beer drinking on saturday. Running and beer drinking is actually closely linked. Runners will award themselves with cold beer after accomplished mission while spectators along the 21,1 K course will celebrate the brave, unfit, overweight sufferers.

I won’t run Göteborgsvervet this year. But I will drink beer. Runners know of course that beer taste better after a long run, and even better after a really long run. A cold beer at the end of a long run is like the gold at the end of the rainbow – especially if you have been running for days in grueling heat, like the Jungle Marathon or Marathon des Sables. The beer at the finish line of UTMB 2005 after 36 hrs running did indeed taste good. I shared it with Pascal Hagenbach whom I hade been running with since the first evening. Last year I downed a luke warm can of beer alone at the finish in the middle of the night. It felt like an anti-climax. And I recall the atmosphere on the main street in the little french alpine village Aime last summer, where many runners of La6000D crowded the bars after finishing the 60K race with +3000m ascent/-3000m descent. I remember that my beer didn’t taste as it should have, but then again I didn’t do the race (injury, see old post).

Some years ago, after having been dabbling for some time, I got a thourough introduction in running and beer drinking while visiting the Hash House Harriers in Quito, Ecuador. Later, celebrating a birthday, I invited my friends to a red dress hash run in the nearby park with a case of cold beer at the finish.

Read more about running and beer drinking.

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