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Finding the running rhythm

May 27, 2010

Trail running makes you feel the rhythm of nature. Runner: Jonas Fast. Photo: F Ö. Location: Boulder, Colorado.

I hadn’t been running for 2 weeks due to severe achilles pain. Don’t know if it’s the steep, undulating, off-trail running which is my normal running diet. It’s soo easy to fall back when you’re injured, but eventually I got to do some mountain biking. Anyway, yesterday I decided to give running a try again, just to get a feel for it, to see if the pain was bearable. It felt strange running carefully, listening to every sign, with already much weaker legs. But, and here is the reason for this post, this way of carefully tripping in the terrain (off-trail), like it was some kind of promenade, is another way of running that I would suggest. Not caring about speed or distance, more running around like if the park was a dancefloor. Since I didn’t want to run fast I aimed for some climbs, doing push-ups and excentric toe raises for my achilles in sunny spots. It felt good moving again without pain so I headed out for my usual soulful trailrun, taking it nice and easy , running relaxed, aware of every step. This is the way I would show trail running for beginners. No stress, only focusing on feeling and presence. And footing of course. And the sounds of nature. Eventually you will become a better runner. Stronger. More agile. Feeling your running rhythm. Being in the movement – just like dancing, swimming, cycling…

Spruce sprouts for salads, tea, wine, oil, schnapps etc have a taste of citrus. Photo: F Ö

It became a beautiful run with long rests on warm rocks, enjoying the sun and the sound of the wind caressing young birch leaves and picking spruce sprouts for tea.

If you have problem with the achilles you might want to avoid shoes that put a lot of pressure on this area. You should look for shoes with a heel cap with a 90° degree angle, like the inov-8 roclite 305 (or 260 for women). I have written about this shoe before and I believe this one of the best trail running shoes around.

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  1. June 25, 2010 11:20

    Hope you can get back at it soon!

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