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Aerobic panic

August 12, 2010

With the Mountain Running World Championships coming up soon I’m keeping busy getting in shape. The race, which is held in Slovenia is 12 K with +1300m elevation, so pretty steep. Running uphill fast is one of the toughest running forms I know of. It feels like the heart will explode. Sweden have been fairly abscent in this international mountain running cirquit. My friend, elite orienteerer Erik Öhlund, talked about the race about a month ago, and called me up a week ago telling he had enlisted me as well. “Oh, my God!” was my first thought, cause I’m not really prepared, having had a year with several injuries: cracked rib, achilles tendonitis and damaged knee cartilage.

My program until the race includes daily runs with uphill repeats every other day. Since a few days I have also started eating resveratrol, bee pollen and beet – all considered to enhance aerobic performance. The resveratrol i get from grape leaves mixed with water, which I use in the form of icecubes in smoothies, juices and shakes. I’m cutting down on alcohol and trying to get lots of sleep. From today I will also start using the Expand-a-Lung, a breathing enhancing device, which I have heard some triathletes use to strenghten their lungs.

Talking about strong lungs and mountain running. Sweden actually has one of the best ultra trail runners in the world: Jonas Buud. Recently he snatched his 4th consecutive victory in Swiss Alpine Marathon, beating french trail champion Thomas Lorblanchet with 15 mins. Earlier this year he set new swedish record running 100 miles in 12H 32Min – on trail! Conditions on the trail were wet with some snow. It would be fun to see this former orienteering runner challenge Kilian Jornet and the other ultra trail stars in the UTMB.

Finally: a link to a video clip with beautiful functional & organic outdoor training. Move with Nature!

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  1. August 12, 2010 19:44

    Good luck in the race. That seems like quite a handful! 🙂 1300 m over 12 K!

    • fredrikolmqvist permalink*
      August 13, 2010 9:09

      Thnkx! But I’m afraid I need more than luck…

  2. August 23, 2010 15:12

    Just found your wonderful blog.
    Good luck with the race. Sounds very demanding.
    I will have to scout your blog to see how you dealt with your Achilles tendon. I’ve been having problems with it and after 3 months now it is still not right though there is some improvement.

    • fredrikolmqvist permalink*
      August 23, 2010 18:13

      Thanks! For more about the race see coming blog post. For achilles tendon you need to do excentric toe rises everyday, which is going down on one foot at the time, preferably with some pressure & resistance. After I made it a morning routine 2-3 minutes (actually while taking a shower) I could get back to running without problems. Normal toe rises actually is very good for your stride. Done on a regular basis it can increase your stance with 5 cm, thus do wonders for your speed. Cheers Fredrik

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