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Running style checklist

August 23, 2010

If you are interested in improving your running technique you can try to adjust 5 things, in the following order:

1. Let your shoulders fall down and back. Run relaxed with relaxed shoulders hanging on the spine. Be also aware of keeping your elbows back.

2. This will also help you to open and lift your chest. Push your chest forward without leaning forward. Run proud and erect. This will improve your breathing.

3. Keep your shin parallell with the ground. Letting it fall down will decrease your breathing capacity.

4. Imagine you are pulling a sled with your waist. This will improve your forward motion strike. Lift your leg and let the rubber work pulling you ahead!

5. Imagine you don’t have any shoes. Without shoes you would never land on your heel, or in front of the body, which actually is a way to brake the motion. Without shoes you don’t either land with straight leg, thus avoiding the shock. Instead you will land with bent knee and the foot right under your body, straightening the leg only in the end of the strike.

Try these steps, which I by the way picked up from the book “Born to Run”, and enjoy your running! If you run with resistance in your mind you will be more closed and unavailable for sublime running experiences like flow, beauty, harmony, freedom, peace etc. Many people want to be more fit than they are. They can’t accept that they aren’t as fast or strong as they wish. This can create resistance towards running. But today you are just as strong or fast as you feel. That’s the reality. You need to accept this. When you accept what is your resistance dissappear. It’s the same with running uphill. It’s pretty tough. Everybody knows it. Running uphill with resistance is just plain masochism.

About running uphill. It turned out running everyday wasn’t such a good idea. Last week I ruptured a muscle in the tigh, so I won’t be participating in the Mountain Running World Championships in Slovenia. But I’m planning to cover it as a reporter. The two swedish participants seem very strong.

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  1. August 23, 2010 19:34

    Nice write-up on technique and posture. Too bad about the injury… and mountain race.

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