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My achilles tendon rehab story

September 6, 2010

I have been having achilles inflammation over a year, stopping me from running and racing during long periods. From before I know that excentric toe rises, preferably with some kind of weight load or pressure, is the best way to treat this symtom. But I never got to do it on a regular basis, due to indolence and laziness. This spring it was really bad, I couldn’t hardly walk properly. At the Göteborg semi-marathon race in May participating was completely out of the question. While in Thailand in beginning of June I couldn’t run on the beach, or on the jungle trails. It felt bad. No running means it’s also hard to make plans for future races.

Once back home, one saturday afternoon, the girl next door knocked on my door – in distress. She told me she had a huge rat in her bathroom and wanted me to help her to find the emergency phone number for theese situations. I did and asked her if she needed any help with the rat. But she didn’t, she told me. The next day when I made inqueries about the rat she told me it had dissappeared back down in the shower drain, from where it probably had emerged, since the lid had been moved. The exterminator had told her they would put poison in the pipes but as a precaution she had put a heavy stone on the lid, just in case it returned. The same day, or it was the next day, I heard a strange sound in my shower drain. Then I got use of a 6cm thick 40x40cm sidewalk brick I had found many years earlier, occasionally using for functional training (making circles around the head). Mostly it was just collecting dust. I started doing excentric toe rises on the brick a few minutes every morning while showering. Not before long I could enjoy daily painfree runs. The achilles tendons are still stiff every morning when I wake up, but loosen up after the session in the shower.

The trick is thus continuity. Thanks to the rat I’m finally pain-free.

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  1. Andre Lambert permalink
    September 6, 2010 21:43

    viva los rats
    did you see this?

    • fredrikolmqvist permalink*
      September 6, 2010 21:52

      hey Andre! that’s a cool video! Thanks a lot! looks just like the trail runs I use to do:-)

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