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Spiritual running

September 10, 2010

Did you notice the sound the wind makes with the leaves in the trees? It’s a soothing sound. Gentle. Soft. It sounds like when the ocean meets land. A constant murmur, the hum of Being. When you listen to the silence you soon discover it’s actually an orchestra, a symphony of insignificant petty sounds. Beautiful sounds of Being. You hear them better when you are alone in nature, like when you stop running and watch the trees, the light, the colors and the space instead of the objects. All is part of Being, also the silence and the space. It’s soo easy to take space for granted, but when you start to appreciate it, it becomes a friend. The past summer I ran bare chested in the forest, letting the air, branches and leaves caress my skin. Running in space. Running with space. The kind of trail running I do on tiny single trails and off-trail is not only about running in nature, but with nature. While running I’m charged with positive energy from the beauty of nature, but more important from being connected with Being. We are.

I guess it’s only when I’m really being present that I’m exploring the freedom of mind, feeling free of boundaries and self-imposed directions. If we only listen to our minds and egos we will most certainly keep repeating ourselves instead of being open for new possibilities, new ways, new perspectives. I’m still talking about running. But I could might as well be talking about a visit to the library. Letting go of resistance will undoubtedly open-up new doors, possibly even new doors to perception (this is by the way the reason why the famous rock band chosed their name).

Finding new ways to run will expand your running. Awareness is not a bad way to start. Awareness of your surroundings. Awareness of your body, of your breathing. Awareness of your thoughts. Awareness of your awareness. Just watch what happens, on the outside and on the inside. Without resistance – also towards your resistance. Look at things as they are, and try to accept them just as they are.

Giovanni, a reader of my blog, sent me this youtube clip of the UTMB start 2010, showing the faces of the runners about to embark on a very long run. You can almost touch the joy mixed with fear.

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  1. September 12, 2010 14:23

    What a beautiful post. Thank you.

    • fredrikolmqvist permalink*
      September 13, 2010 11:32

      Thank you Ewa! Keep up the spirit!

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