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The Joy of Running

September 15, 2010

Photo: Peder Sundström.

Did you ever considered what Running does with you? OK, it makes you fit, tired, exhausted, injured, strong, possibly also happy. But has it transformed you? Has Running made you a happier person – on a deeper level? Has it given you tools for transformation? Has it changed the way you perceive yourself?

In my case running, especially Trail running, reminded me of the strong bond to Nature I had on an unconscious level when I was younger. During the years Trail running has reinforced this bond. My Love for Nature isn’t anylonger unconscious but pronounced and very present – especially during my trail runs.

Today’s 1 hour run, mostly off-trail, was wet after several showers, wet rock forcing me to step careful. I stumbled across a tent. This happens sometimes. Homeless people chosing the sanctuary of the forest.
I haven’t seen the elks since early spring. I kind of miss them. Yesterday I surprised a roe deer, close to my secret chanterelle site. With all the yellow leaves on the ground now you have to look hard to spot a chanterelle.

It feels good picking up running again after a long break. I can really feel how it affects my body and soul. Like I’m connected again. Feeling the power and the peace, exploring the freedom, wackiness and challenges of trail running. Feeling the Joy deep within. Getting in touch with your true self. Washing muddy legs afterwards, revealing new scars.

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