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Spirulina – hardly a con algae

January 5, 2011

From time to time “scientists” promote their viewpoints as objective truths – “in the name of science”. And media swallows, even though the scientists often have a hidden agenda. That’s exactly what happened in yesterday’s Aftonbladet, Sweden’s biggest daily newspaper, when swedish microbiology and immunology scientist Agnes Wold stated that the spirulina algae has no significant health benefits. (
– I am almost certain that people who eats this (the algae Arthrospira Platensis also known as Spirulina) won’t be more protected to colds, she says as a response to celebrity actor Mikael Persbrant’s support for a nutritional supplement containing the algae.
Having searched for its medical effects in scientific databases Agnes Wold found only 2 articles about medical effects out of 62 articles, and none of the two said anything about wheather the algae had any effects on colds or not.

Spirulina algae

Like other traditional scientists she choses to look at the medical effects, the curing effect, and not the preventive effect. Agnes Wold represent the common viewpoint that you can’t improve your health and strenghten your immune defense with nutrition. According to the article she actually states that there is nothing wrong with ordinary people’s immune defense.
– I can’t understand why immune defense is a favourite field for all charlatans.

In 2009 I interviewed a professor in nutrition with the same viewpoint (“normal food is a sufficient source of nutrition”). It proved that he had close links to a lobby organisation for the biggest mainstream food producers. So I did a quick search on Agnes Wold and sure enough she is also involved, as a member of the editorial board of SFN, Svenska föreningen för näringslära, or SNF, Swedish Nutrition Foundation. This lobby organisation actually provide schools and universities with textbooks and tutorial materials. And nobody thinks it’s rotten.

You might wonder why these “scientists” don’t spend their energy on the health risks with trans fatty acids, GMO-food, chemicals in food, synthetic additives, sugar bombs, pesticides etc but instead turn their attention critizing superfoods that are good for us. It all depends on who is paying.

If you do a quick search on spirulina you will find plenty of information about its nutritional and health benefits:

Actually spirulina has been suggested by NASA and European Space Agency as one of the primary foods to be cultivated during long-term space missions. There is also an organisation called the Intergovernmental Institution for the Use of Micro-algae Foods Spirulina Against Malnutrition that “aspires to build a consensus to make Spirulina a key driver to achieve food security and improve human health conditions throughout the world”.

Or check this clip about how Kanem tribes in Tchad have been using spirulina for centuries:
more about spirulina:
and a link to a (swedish) online store selling spirulina.
(the hyperlink function doesn’t work at the moment)

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  1. John permalink
    January 28, 2011 21:01

    Ja det är konstigt. Det finns ju så mycket annat att forska på än att gå på häxjakt mot spirulinapulver.

  2. February 3, 2011 13:36

    jag är också en spirulina lover och helt övertygad om dess potenta kraft och det solljus (klorofyll) som är inkapslat som vi sedan laddar våra celler med!

    Kika vad jag har skrivit om spirulina

    More greens!

    Long Live Life!

  3. Jessica permalink
    February 3, 2011 14:13

    Ja, vad ska man säga.. det går inte att ta patent på sådant som man äter om det inte är i pillerform strukturerat som ett läkemedel.. o då tjänar man inte pengar på det! Alltså bättre göra folk sjuka o sen bota med mediciner än att se till att de aldrig blir sjuka.. bättre ekonomi för sjukvården antar jag.. suck..

  4. Cassi Shenk permalink
    April 3, 2013 11:49

    Spirulina is a blue-green alga which is believed to be the first form of plant life on earth (nearly 3.5 billion years old). Since its rediscovery in the 1960’s, Spirulina has been exhaustively and extensively tested by scientists around the world. And has proved to be the most powerful and well-balanced source of nutrition on the planet.’

    My very own web portal

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