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Fine tuning

January 24, 2011

Apart from your everyday running routine you can make some small adjustments in order to reach the next level. For this you will need to engage yourself not only in the training practise but also in the smallest details like gear, eating, habits, change of attitude etc.

Tend your feet on a regular basis. Get rid of calluces the gentle way, by using a foot file, little by little, and foot cream.

Adjust your running gear: clothes, shoes, ipods etc. Don’t settle for less than perfect fit and feeling! Experiment with old gear.

Adjust your body weight: or did you think that just a lighter shoe would do the trick?

Get stronger! Even if you have a day off from running there is always room for a few sets of squats, toe rises, push-ups etc. Rest when you feel weak.

Improve your recovery with high quality nutrition: liquids, minerals, antioxidants, natural carbohydrates, proteins etc. Eat smart superfoods for enhanced immune defence.

Improve your running style: get advice from a running coach who can show you how to run “lighter”, more relaxed and more efficient by saving energy instead of wasting it.

While running, try to feel the joy of running and run with this feeling. It doesn’t matter if it makes you run slower or faster. You will be able to run with a smile and have fun.


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