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Marathon Training Programme

February 12, 2011

Breaking free from the bubble. Throwing yourself into the unknown. Getting in touch with your self. Your real self. Exploring space in nature. Squeezing between branches with twisted torso. Getting ripped, whipped and wind kissed. Finding the lightness and riding it. Breathing misty forests. Jumping over miniature abysses in slow motion. Returning from the realm of unconsciousness to the present. Being the magical moment. Balancing thanks to the gyro effect. Stumbling and falling with a sudden taste of blood. Listening to personalized breaths, birdsong taken for granted or the grieving gravel under your soul soles, whispering shy shades.

Gearing up with mindfulness monitors, global positioning glimpses of not so evident sensations, be it the murmur caressing your ears. Analyzing diagonal connections between the proud chest and the lower back pressure points. Relaxed fingers painting air stripes, folding and opening. Friendly helpful hands dancing like shadows, flying like curious endemic birds along swirling virgin paths. Together with the soil, the sounds and smells, without measuring, without words. Being nature. Feeling the beauty of winter afternoon sun reflections in the ice layers, glittering like summer seas in Greece.


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