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Löpskolan: Intuitive running

March 27, 2011

Last remains of winter.

Saturday morning 7 am. Light breakfast. Warm clothes and waterproof trail shoes (Saucony Razor). A blanket and a book about bird behavior in the backpack (Inov-8 Race Elite). A bottle of water. Sunny and crisp outside, puddles frozen overnight. Jolly birds singing in the forest, calling out from naked tree tops. Almost all snow is gone now. If I can’t run yet (due to the ruptured calf muscle) at least I can do some light trekking. I know the ridges well but walking instead of running helps me to see new possible routes. Explore and listen more carefully.

After a while I find a good spot in the sun. Trying out my new binoculars sitting on a warm rock facing the young sun, protected from the cold northern wind. Eventually lying down, curled up against the rock, I fall asleep under the blue sky while the birds sing their beautiful songs. Sleeping on a rock, with the sun warming my face and body, feels primal and gives me a sense of natural connection with nature. When I wake up at 11, about three hours later, I hear children shouting far below, down at the frozen lake. The ants are out too, investigating the new visitor.

Finishing off with a hot cup of espresso at the Lasagneria.

I can feel the vague scent of sunburned skin. Lying on the rock like a refugee on the run, or just celebrating my freedom. As I head back home I can’t help from running free, to feel the joy, playing and having a ride in nature, away from trails. It’s all about possibilities, sensing the terrain like an animal, and sure enough I find myself running different routes than I use to. This mode, when you are open for your intuition and for once your voice is stronger than the voice of your ego, who always wants to play it safe, to repeat what you already know, is a bliss. Being your potential in the present.

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