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Not just another run

April 26, 2011

Moving with nature in untrailed terrain means acceptance to what is: branches with thorns in your way, in your face; rocks with sharp egdes, fallen trees, un-fallen trees; ticks in the grass, snakes, birds and roe deers with their white bums.

Running in a careful way is about body awareness, moving like a cat with precise movements, with total presence, being nature’s beauty. I tried to sneak up on the roe deers, treading softly, trying not to make any noise, to be the watcher and not the watched, but the roe deer must have heared me and ran away.

The only animal I watched was a human coming out from a group of trees, an almost naked, bearded, long haired, middleaged white man, dressed like a pygmé, or like amazonian indians, with just a loin cord and “some kind of bag” for the package.

Him being very close to nature, in my eyes, I could understand him. Nature is fantastic. But he was the wild man and I was the “normal” one. So could I accept him, doing his thing? I let him see me, showing that I wasn’t afraid. Then I hurried away, slightly disturbed.

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