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Löpcoaching: Running coaching

August 18, 2011

Coaching "Natural Running" will challenge your resistance towards running anywhere and everywhere.. Photo: Fredrik Ö

From watching other runners I have come to the conclusion that many runners would need some advice on running form. In fact, my own experience is that everybody will benefit from spending some training time enhancing their running technique instead of just keep on doing the same mistakes, over and over. Also I have heard soo many times people who say that they don’t really enjoy running, that running just isn’t their thing. Well, if you let something you do be boring, you probably didn’t try to have fun while doing it. My experience is that running definitely can be fun, and that a good running technique absolutely is helpful for enjoyment of the running act. Therefore I have decided to start with running coaching. To show people that it’s possible to run with ease and joy, no matter of your current level of fitness. I want to help people discover running adventure and most of all – the beauty of running. I take on individuals and small groups 7 days of week  (in Göteborg). If you know anyone who would like to develop as a runner – both technically and mentally, you know where to direct them. I will keep you posted on how the coaching goes.

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  1. aroding permalink
    August 18, 2011 13:58

    Hej Fredrik,

    Jag är själv intresserad av att utvecklas i teknik och mentalt när det kommer till löpning.
    Har du några tankar om vad du går igenom och kostar det något och vad ingår i så fall?

    Ha det bra!

    MvH // Andreas

  2. Hendrik permalink
    August 19, 2011 12:20

    Hej Fredrik,

    Jag och min flickvän skulle väldigt gärna ta ett coaching pass. Jag tror jag träffade dig kort efter Ladonia 2010 och blev väldigt inspirerad. Har sedan dess gått från vanliga löpskor till lätta Inov8, försökt att anpassa löpsteget, men vet inombords att jag har mycket kvar att lära. Tror även att jag har en del polare som skulle vilja ansluta till sådan coaching. Kommer du samla ihop ett heat med lagom antal intresserade? Vad kostar det ca?


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