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‘Just running’

September 22, 2011

Like an artist you have the possibility to 'create' every run. Photo: Quim Farrero. Runner: me. Location: Aosta Valley, Italy.

When you take the first steps on your run, what goes through your mind? What kind of run are you actually heading into? How do you perceive yourself running? Why are you running? And how?

Try focusing on the running act, ‘just running’, without any other measures, thoughts, feelings, desires etc than the experience in the NOW and awareness of the movements. Listen to your breathing and be vigilant to the usual thoughts tempting your mind to fall astray, forgetting what you are doing and how, and why.

‘Just running’ means that you isolate the running act from time and purpose. The greatest obstacle for us to enjoy the Present is ‘seriousness’, or ‘the lack of play’, like when we let the image of ‘how it should be’ suffocate ‘how it is’.

Find beautiful trails and celebrate your love for running. Photo: Quim Farrero

And ‘how it is’ is not an image, it’s not wishing for thinking. If you really want to enjoy running you need to let go of the images, and stop comparing yourself with others or another You. The value of running isn’t somewhere else, it’s Now and Here. When you start valueing the joy of running you will be more inclined to run again.

Instead of running that ‘happens’ to you, it’s you who have the beautiful possibility to create a run that makes you happy and proud, a run that makes your life a little bit more salty, dirty and edgy. Relax! Let go out your preconceptions, and Play!

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