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“Running Now”

September 26, 2011

Photo: Dan Kullberg, Runner: me

It was a sunny and warm autumn sunday. Trees turned slightly autumnish. Crisp, fresh air and jolly walkers in the nature reserve, enjoying the indian summer heat and colorful, bright views.

I had rested my foot since the sprained ankle almost two weeks ago, while running off-trails in Valtournenche, so I decided to take it easy, not running off-trails, stepping lightly, careful where I put my feet. In some sense I felt “handicapped” or like an old person, not being able to run as wild and fast as I used to, no matter how difficult the terrain.

Photo: Dan Kullberg, Runner: me

What was hindering me from enjoying the run was of course that I couldn’t accept the present situation. To enjoy it I had to accept where I was – in life, the current level of fitness etc. The run wasn’t fast and I didn’t feel like a particularly “good” runner. And this made me think: could it be that many “non-runners” didn’t run because they weren’t “good at it”. But what would “good” mean? Is being a “good” runner someone who can run fast, or is it someone who can enjoy running no matter fast or slow?

I haven’t been running a lot lately due to injuries etc my stride felt sluggish, without power or speed. However, I did run, and I did enjoy the fact. I might have a long way ahead, to get back to “the speedy me”, but I can enjoy the trip and be confident that there will be a process with progress. I can appreciate everytime I run and every now in the run. “Running Now” means “this is how running is right now” and if you embrace this fact, thus accepting “what is”, you run in reality. If you don’t accept reality, the problem is in your head, not in your running.

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